The New Cherry Mobile Alpha Play and Alpha Morph Are Windows 8.1 Tablets

Most of you may have already know that Cherry Mobile just outed two Windows Phone 8.1 powered smartphones called Alpha Style and Alpha Luxe, but actually those are not the only new products they launched, the local tech company also unveiled two tablets powered the Microsoft OS, Windows 8.1. These new Intel-based slates also share the same "Alpha" naming, and these are Alpha Play and Alpha Morph. Looks like Alpha line will be Windows devices from Cherry Mobile. I now wonder if other local competitors will follow CM. 

Going back to the tablets, these are full-fledged Windows 8.1 devices, so if you wonder if you can user PC applications on them the answer is definitely yes. Both devices sport the same resolution, use the same processor and feature the same 2MP front-facing camera. The Alpha Morph is a lot bigger and powerful than the Alpha Play, looking at their price tags will probably make you understand why. 

The Cherry Mobile Alpha Play has an 8-inch HD IPS display bearing a 1280x720 resolution. It is not much of a resolution these days for current devices but having it an IPS panel will make this display more attractive and should provide better viewing angle experience. On the inside is the Intel Z3735D quad-core processor clocked at  1.33GHz with 1GB of RAM. The internal storage for this one is a bit bigger than its Android counterpart under the same category which is at 16GB, thanks to its microSD card slot as it supports up to additional 64GB worth of storage. The rear camera is pegged at 5MP with BSI sensor and then a front one at 2MP.  Usual connectivity options are available on the Alpha Play such as WiFi 802.11, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 and an HDMI Port. This Windows 8.1 slate is powered by a 3,500mAh battery size. Everything is for only Php7,999.
 Cherry Mobile Alpha Play Specs:

- 8" HD IPS Display
- 1280x720 resolution
- 1.33GHz quad-core Intel Z3735D processor
- Intel HD Graphics Gen7 GPU
- 16GB Internal Storage
- Supports microSD card up to 64GB
- 5MP rear camera with BSI
- 2MP Front camera
- Windows 8.1
- WiFi, Bluetooth
- USB 3.0, HDMI Port
- 3,500mAh Battery
- Php7,999

Next is the Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph. Like what I mentioned above, this one is a bit more upgraded than the Play in terms of size. Underneath is the same 1.33GHz quad-core Intel Z3735D processor with twice the size of RAM to handle more multitasking requirements. The internal storage is also doubled with 32GB and of course the microSD support up to 64GB. It is also important to note that the Alpha Morph comes with a free detachable keyboard, which is very nice to have for a screen with 10 inches of size. For some reason the back and front cameras on this one are both 2MP in size with the rear one having a BSI sensor. 

Battery size is also bigger on the Morph with its 8,000mAh size. Aside from WiFi and Bluetooth, it is also USB OTG ready. The whole package is for only Php11,999.

Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph Specs:

- 10" HD IPS Display
- 1280x720 resolution
- 1.33GHz quad-core Intel Z3735D processor
- 32GB internal storage
- Supports microSD card up to 64GB
- 2MP rear camera with BSI
- 2MP front camera
- Windows 8.1
- Bluetooth, WiFi, USB OTG
- 8,000mAh Battery
- Php11,999

Both Alpha Play and Alpha Morph comes with free Office 365 and 1TB of cloud storage via OneDrive for one year.

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