This is the Apple Watch

Along with the bigger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus announcement, Apple also unveiled its first iOS-powered smartwatch offering calling it simply the Apple Watch. Many believed it would be called iWatch and many tech enthusiasts referred to it as the iWatch too during the device's rumor days, but for some reason the iPhone makes decided to name it Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch will come in two different screen sizes such as 38mm and 42mm and also will be available in three different collections, Watch, Watch Sport and the Watch Edition. The Watch will have stainless steel case, Watch Sport has lightweight aluminum and it is more durable than the others, and the Watch Edition that is encased in an 18-karat gold shell. All these editions will sport sapphire glass covering laminated on the retina-quality display, so having it scratched is not going to be a problem. All three versions will be released in two size options. 

 It sports a square face just like many other smartwatches that have been unveiled and launched but the Apple Watch has a dial on its right side which the company refers to as the "Digital Crown". This dial is smart enough to differentiate a simple tap from a press. To go to the home screen simply press the dial or the digital crown. This also allows users to zoom and scroll on things displayed on the smart wearable. The Apple Watch has a built-in gyroscope, accelerometer, a heart rate sensor, and a Taptic Engine for input sensing.

Next to the digital crown is another button which brings up the list of contacts when tapped and allows users to send quick drawings, messages and others. Apple also added that an "Active" and "Workout" apps are pre-installed in the device to help users to have a more active lifestyle.
As expected the Apple Watch will be compatible only with Apple smartphones, iPhone 5 up to the latest ones to be exact. All models are powered by the same set of specs, its processor is a new one which Apple is calling "S1" processor. NFC is also available on the device so Apple Pay feature should work too. The party is not complete with the integration of Siri on the Apple Watch. Wireless charging is supported through its back panel which has an inductive charging mechanism, plus there is crystal with LEDs that sits on the back that reads user's heart rate. 

Unfortunately the Apple Watch won't be released the same dates as the newest iPhone devices, Apple said it will be available "early 2015" for price tag starting at $349.

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