Carl Zeiss VR One Will Compete With Samsung Gear VR

For many tech consumers who are looking forward to taste the experience of what a virtual reality can offer, Samsung Gear VR may not be the best option there is as the device is only exclusive to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone when it comes to providing the best VR experience. Not everyone can afford the asking price of both devices. Carl Zeiss VR One could be the solution to that price-related problem as it offers the same principle as the Gear VR and even the Oculus Rift but with a much more affordable price tag and less specs requirements. 

Carl Zeiss VR One is only going to be priced $99 when it is released sometime next year and is compatible with any smartphones measuring between 4.7 and 5.2 inches. However, the 'drawer' that holds the smartphone inside the VR One is not universal which means sizes will vary and will depend on the size of the smartphones being used and that is going to be sold separately on top of the VR One's price. Drawers will cost an additional $9.90 each.

Although a wider release of the Carl Zeiss VR One is going to be next year, interested users can actually now place pre-orders through its website with drawers for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. If you use other than these two smartphones, Carl Zeiss said more drawers for other smartphones will be released in the future. All pre-orders are promised to be delivered this December.

According to TechnoBuffalo, Carl Zeiss is also working on apps that will be compatible with VR One device. Apps that will allow users to watch 3D movies and experience street view with augmented reality. Plus the VR One is built on open-source platform and the company is already proving SDK to developers to create their own software for the virtual reality headset.

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