Dell's Alienware Area 51 Gaming PC Now Officially Launched

Dell has officially launched the uniquely designed and shaped Alienware Area 51 gaming PC for this year. It sports a triangular shape rather than the usual square box we normally see on either normal PC or gaming PCs like the previous Area 51 iterations.  And there is actually more to its looks, the shape will allow the inside of the device to get better air ventilation and also for easier access to ports on either sides. Alienware is bringing the gaming experience to the next level with the new Area51 PC.

Pricing starts at $1,700 and can go as high as $4000 depending on set up. And since the Area 51 is built on Intel X99 motherboard this allows users to configure it with either 6 or 8-core Haswell-E Core i7 processors and up to 32GB of DDR4 memory. Comes pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 8.1 OS, the new Alienware tower can also be fitted with up to three of AMD or NVIDIA GPUs. Combinations of SSD and HDD for up to five storage drives are is also supported by this monster.

Adding more to the alien or futuristic looking design of the Area 51 is the lights that surrounds the box, I think lighting also adds more badass look to any gadget around. What more if you can customize its color and behavior? Well fortunately that is allowed with the Area 51 thanks to its AlienFX software that comes with the device. 

The Alienware Area 51 can now be ordered via this link where it also details more about the Area 51's configurations, accessories and and pricing. 

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