LG Teases New Smartphone Offerings with AKA

There are no other information available about this new smartphone concept from the Korean company except for the name LG AKA.  The device will be fully announced at the upcoming World IT Show in Busan, Korea which will be held from Oct 20-23 this year. LG is also attaching words like "personal" and customizable" to it which is more than enough to give us an idea of what is the deal (most likely) about the device. 

Smartphone customization is actually not a new concept in the consumer tech race, Moto X is one of the known smartphones around when it comes to this kind of concept, but looks like LG has a unique way of customizing this new phone when it is released. Looking at the animated photo above, the back panels tell us that those are interchangeable covers with different color selections. The eyes on the upper back covers? Yeah they move and express different moods and emotions, it is not exactly known yet but most blogs are saying that those goofy eyes will be animated and will act/feature different moods depending on how the users use the phone. Sounds cool right?

Source: PhoneArena

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