Google Shows Off a Working Project Ara Android Smartphone

Google has a project called 'Project ARA" which aims to bring modular phones in the scenes where users will be able to customize their smartphones in a module basis from screen display, battery size, RAM, internal storage, processor and many more. Just like how a desktop works and how it is assembled, when a piece of the equipment is broken it can simply be changed or upgraded without the need to buy a whole new PC. And the concept is the same for the Project Ara phones.

The team behind the development of this project has been working for more than a year now and for months we have been shown nothing but buggy prototypes but the video below shows us a working modular smartphone.

It's not a fully working Android smartphone yet that was seen in the video above but at least it's improving. Google also relies on third-party developers and manufacturers to develop modules for the device.

I want this thing done since I am an Android user, this would be an awesome option for everybody which will allow them to customize the phones depending on the configurations they want and on how much they can afford.

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