Resident Evil, Perfume and The Mortal Instruments To Get TV Series

According to a news on Variety, Constantin Films the studio behind the Resident Evil movie series has confirmed that a TV series version of the said franchise is in the works.  So if you are one of the Resident Evil fans of both movie adaptations and game versions, you are most likely excited about this one. I am. However, the production won't begin until the 6th and final installment of the movie version is completed. 

Production for the movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will begin either later this year or summer of 2015. It was being delayed due to main star Mila Jovovich's pregnancy but the good thing is it's still happening, we are getting closer to its release date and most of all it is getting its own TV series.

As of writing it is still unknown as to which story line the TV series will follow, is it going to be a spin-off or a continuation of the movie versions or of the game versions. We will definitely hear more about this plan as we wait on both adaptations. 

The Mortal Instruments is also another franchise Constantin Films has rights to and unfortunately the first of the supposed movie franchise or series of films Mortal Instruments: City of Bones didn't do great at the box office when released last year. Fortunately though, especially for fans, the studio has also announced that a TV series version of The Mortal Instruments is also in the works. 

Additionally, do you remember the movie called Perfume: The Story of a Murderer? It's about a man who has a super sense of smell and as he looks for the "perfect scent" he kills young women. I liked and enjoyed this movie and I really do not think a reboot or sequel or prequel is really necessary, but a TV series for this one is also coming to our small screens at home. 

Source: Variety

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