Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Goes Under Bend Test

These bend test videos and news came out online after a number of iPhone 6 Plus users reported that their latest and biggest iOS smartphones were bending when stayed in their pockets for a long period of time. Photos of bent iPhone 6 Plus particularly went viral online showing the device having a bent on its volume rocker area. To prove that the smartphone did actually bend and could be bent by using a small amount of force, Unbox Therapy released the first video testing an iPhone 6 Plus.

The first video went viral as well and it was found that with enough force produced by hands the device could actually be bent. Then after that to make the judgment fair, Unbox Theraphy released a second video and this time doing the bend test on other known smartphones such as from Motorola, Microsoft's Lumia device, HTC, Samsung and even an older iPhone 5.

When the previous bend test videos were made, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was not available yet but was already announced and official. So right now that the newest Note 4 phablet is available it should not pass without being treated with the latest trend in the smartphone scene. So did the Note 4 bend? Watch the video below and see watch exactly happened.

 Source: Unbox Therapy

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