Smart Now Accepts Pre-order for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Are you one of the guys out there waiting for the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the Philippines? Well the good thing is Smart Communications is now accepting pre-orders for the said Android phablet and they made the announcement on their official Facebook account with the photo below. However, there were no other information that was unveiled about the the plan pricing and prepaid kit pricing for the Note 4.

Most of  us know that Samsung unveiled two phablets early last month with the Galaxy Note Edge being the second one. I checked the pre-order page and based on the photo above, it looks like Smart is only going to offer the Note 4 and not the Edge. So if you prefer to get the Note Edge you may need to get it somewhere else or maybe from Globe if they happen to offer it as well together with the Note 4.

You can go through this link to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or go to the Smart webpage of the phablet for upcoming details about its launch and eventually release date. If you are also interested to get this device from Smart you can also sign up and register your interest through that same webpage. 

Source: Smart Communications

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