Upcoming Blackberry Classic Smartphone Now Up For Pre-Order

Even though it is not officially announced until this December, Blackberry has already started receiving pre-orders for its upcoming smartphone called Classic. It will be initially available in the UK and US and the Canadian tech company has priced the device for £349 and $449 respectively. Customers can expect the device to be shipped in mid-December.

Blackberry hasn't actually released any information about the Classic aside from its pricing, availability shipping date and some description from its webpage which are listed below.

- Keyboard and navigation keys designed for optimal speed and accuracy
- Large square touch screen
- Amazingly fast and astoundingly beautiful web browsing
- A battery that powers through
- Ability to install Android and BlackBerry apps

According to TechnoBuffalo, the Blackberry Classic is "essentially a BlackBerry Q10 with the traditional BlackBerry-style menu keys and trackpad," and sports the following specs below.

- 3.46" Touchscreen
- 720x720 resolution, 291ppi
- Full QWERTY keypad
- 1.2GHz dual-core processor
- 16GB Internal storage
- Supports microSD card
- 8MP rear camera
- 2MP front camera
- Blackberry 10.3.1 OS
- Nano SIM
- 4G LTE

And as you have read above, yes the Classic will be capable of downloading Android Apps. Blackberry has collaborated with Amazon to have its users access to the Amazon App Store to download supported Android apps from. For Blackberry Apps, users will also have access to the Blackberry World apps store.

We will know more about the BB Classic when it is unveiled on December 17.

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