Windows 10 Update For All Lumia Windows Phone 8 Smartphones Confirmed

Software upgrade is definitely not for Android and iOS users around the world. Microsoft has announced their own software upgrade not just for the future Lumia phones but also for the existing ones.  You own a Lumia phone running at least Windows Phone 8 OS? Good, the company said all Lumia smartphones with that version of mobile operating system will be upgraded to the new Windows Phone 10 in the future.  Actually the "phone" is no longer being used in the naming so it is just Windows 10 even for smart devices.

Although Microsoft did not reveal when the update will arrive aside from its wording of "in the future" it's still a good sign that the company does not want to make the same thing twice. Remember when the Windows Phone 8 was released and many Windows Phone 7 users at that time were hoping to get the switch to the new OS and then Microsoft said it was not going to happen due to technical specifications required by the new OS?. So many users were disappointed about the bad news. This time though, it's different and update is really going to happen, it's just a matter of waiting.  

So when is the Windows 10 will be released? According to so many websites and blogs, Microsoft is expected to officially release the new OS in late 2015. So maybe before 2015 ends or early 2016 the Windows 10 for smartphones will be released or it could be a bit earlier than those dates.

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