Android Kitkat Update for MyPhone Rio, Rio Lite, Rio Fun and Aqua Infinity Now Official

Good news to all MyPhone Rio, Rio Lite, Rio Fun and Agua Infinity users as the company has officially released Android 4.4 Kitkat update for the said handsets. According to a post on Techconnectph website, they have received a confirmation from MyPhone itself.

However there is a catch about the update, OTA or Over The Air update is not available due to difficulties in downloading large files on the devices. Users who wish to do the switch or update from Android Jellybean to Android Kitkat on the mentioned smartphones above, they need to visit a MyPhone service center and staff at the store will do the update for them via desktop or laptop. Another important thing MyPhone Rio series and Infinity users need to take note is that there will be a Php200 service charge upon doing to the update. 

There are alternative ways to do the update by users themselves and a lot of Facebook group and forum sites are providing a step by step instructions on how to do it. They can do it at their own risk and may also void the warranty of the handset upon doing so. The best way I can advise is to do it at the store with the help of the trained people on doing the switch, P200 is nothing compare to the risk of damaging the device and losing its warranty in the process.

See the list of MyPhone Service Centers here, or you may call their customer service number which are listed right after the address. 

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