Xiaomi's Massive Mi 16000mAh Power Bank Comes With Small Price Tag

Xiaomi had already launched 5200mAh and 10400mAh power bank models with very cheap pricing and the Chinese tech company does not seem to stop from there as Xiaomi is going to release yet another massive and super affordable Mi power bank sporting a 16,000mAh size. The previous two models were sold on Lazada PH website for prices Php445 and Php645 respectively. 

As you can see in the image above, although it is in Chinese, when translated this means that the 16000mAh power bank will go on a one-day sale in China on November 11 for only 99 Yuan which is about Php729 in our currency and right after that it will be sold for a regular price of 129 or Php950.

Aside from the size and price of this accessory I also like the overall design, very simple and plain and if reports are to be believed, the Mi 16000mAh power bank will come with two USB ports allowing two devices to be recharged at the same time. This size should be enough to provide users with an average of one week battery life provided they full charge at least once a day with a 2,000mAh powered smartphone.

Let's hope Xiaomi will bring this monster to the Philippines along with its affordable price tag. Many will definitely love it and that includes me.

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