Puzzlephone is Project Ara's Modular Phones Counterpart

When it comes to upcoming and first batch of modular smartphones, Google's Procject Ara is the first in line and which many tech enthusiasts are familiar with, until today. PuzzlePhone from Circular Device startup that is based in Finland is working hard to make and release their first modular smartphones sometime next year. Google also plans to release the first Project Ara smartphone in 2015 so this modular devices are getting exciting as we move forward.

The PuzzlePhone will consist of three main parts, and that is alot simpler than Project Ara's, namely the Brain, the Spine and the Heart. The Brain, as the name suggests will house the processor, camera and others. The Spine will be the central piece of the handset that will hold the physical buttons, monitor or display, speakers and microphone. And then the Heart is where the battery will be found together with some additional electronics that will complete the whole PuzzlePhone.

Modular smartphones aim is to work like a personal computer or desktop computers where users would not need to replace the whole smartphone especially if only specific part of the device is broken. For example if the battery is getting worn out or the screen/monitor is getting outdated and yet the rest of the device is still working fine, in the current smartphones status consumers would mostly need to replace the entire device to upgrade or replace a broken piece. With modular devices, users can simply buy the part of the handset that needs fixing or upgrading which so many users is very economic and practical.

I said this PuzzlePhone is a lot simpler than Project Ara as there are only three pieces that are swappable unlike in the other where almost every single piece of specs are exchangeable which makes it more customizable than the newer player's offering. Of course we really cannot simply say that this is the case until we see the actual products in person.

If everything falls into places that includes funding, Circular Device plans to release the first working PuzzelPhone sometime or mid-2015.

Source: PuzzlePhone

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