Upcoming OnePlus Two Smartphone Now Up for Pre-order?

What has been confirmed so far is that OnePlus will definitely launch a new flagship smartphone sometime next year and it is dubbed OnePlus Two. And while many wait for the official announcement, within just this month two Chinese online stores have already listed the said device on their sites for pre-order complete with basic specs details together with pricing of above $500. 

Coolicool was the first to offer the OnePlus Two early this month which was done almost a day after the OnePlus company confirmed that there would be new smartphone for next year.  And then within the last 24 hours it's GeekBuying that just listed the smartphone on their site with even a promise ship date of early Feb next year. And the image of the OnePlus Two they posted online is actually very nice-looking one especially how wide the screen is and how thin the bezels are. 

Now it's important to note that OnePlus has not officially unveiled the new smartphone so we should take this with a pinch of salt. Another thing is the last time I checked, OnePlus sells smartphones on an invite-only policy with its current OnePlus One device, so seeing other vendors offering the new device is somehow new to me for a OnePlus smartphone. But who knows maybe OnePlus is now changing how they would sell the upcoming devices. We will definitely know from OnePlus once they make the announcement sometime next year. 

Below is the list of specs for the OnePlus Two found on the GeekBuying website.

 OnePlus Two specs:

- 5.5" Full HD Display
- 1920x1080 resolution
- 2.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor
- 64GB Internal storage
- Non-expandable
- 16MP rear camera with autofocus and flash
- 5MP front camera
- Color OS based on Android 4.4 Kitkat
- Support 4G/3G/OTG/NFC/Miracast/4K resolution video
- Single-SIM
- 3,300mAh battery
- $538.19

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