Facebook Lite App Quietly Launched in Africa and Asia

Facebook silently released a slimmed down version of the popular Facebook app for Android calling it the Facebook Lite. As the name suggests, this means it is a simplified variant of Facebook's growing number of standalone mobile applications. However, as of yet, not everybody from around the world has access to it. According to a post from TechCrunch, it is currently released in some countries in Africa and in Asia.

What are those countries? They are Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. Hopefully more countries will follow including the Philippines.

The reasons why there is a Facebook Lite are to supports and to aim at those low-end Android smartphones especially from emerging markets like those mentioned above. This also includes old versions of Android OS. And most of all the new app is optimized for networks with slow internet data connections such as 2G. This should take up less data when being used, and should perform faster on those devices and network compared to the original version of Facebook app.

Notifications are expected to be included in the Facebook Lite and camera integration. Instant messaging feature also on board.

The app itself is very small coming in at only 252KB. Way too small than the normal Facebook app which is about 27MB in total. 

So if you are in those countries that are mentioned above and would like to try the power of the Facebook Lite app, you may now head over to the Google Play and download it to your device. If outside of those markets, you may also try APK version which is already available as well for download.

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