Samsung Galaxy S6 Confirmed to Sport Dual-Edge Display According to Reports

We are already half way the first month of the new year and that also means that we are getting closer to the announcement and the eventual release of the new Galaxy S6 flagship device, as everyone refers to it just like the previous S flagship smartphones from Samsung during the rumor and leaks stages. Latest rumor surrounding the upcoming smartphone is said to be confirmed to sport a dual-edge screen.

The report comes from SamMobile and it said...
"Today, we can confirm that Samsung is indeed developing a Galaxy S6 with two-edge displays, one on each side,
The post also added that once the said device is announced it will bear model number SM-G925 and will officially be called Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The concept is basically the same as found on the Galaxy Note Edge that was revealed and launched last year but this time instead of having the extra curved screen on the right side, the S6 Edge will sport curved display on both sides of the front panel.

If this is true, then we are also going to see two separate variants of the Galaxy S6, the same thing that happened last year at the Galaxy Note 4 Unpacked event, the regular Galaxy S6 and the spinoff version Galaxy S6 Edge.

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