Control Your Mac Computer's Media Player Wirelessly with ControlAir App

The gesture recognition technology company EyeSight has just recently unveiled and released its new motion command-based app for Apple Mac computers called ControlAir. It allows users to wirelessly control their media applications in their Mac desktop computers and laptops using just their index fingers and the computers' camera.

The ControlAir is now available to download free of charge and is currently compatible with music and video media players like iTunes, Spotify Rdio, Netflix, QuickTime, VLC and Vox. This is a great application we can use in our computers as most of the time those apps ControlAir is compatible with are usually running in the background. So if users are working on something on their screen and will have the need to pause or skip a song they just simply raise their finger and a pop-up control panel will appear just above the screen without the need of taking away what's on the screen. See the video below and check out how the thing works.


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