Crazy Back to the Future's DeLorean Case for Your iPhone

Have you been looking for a cool and geeky case for your iPhone device? The Japanese toy company Bandai would like to get you covered as they just recently announced the new DeLorean-inspired iPhone case from the all-time hit movie Back to the Future. The nice thing about this case is there is a twist to it and not just a plain and usual smartphone case we see around. Check out the video below and see how this thing works with your iOS smartphone.

This is a perfect Back to the Future item for the year 2015 while many of us still waits for the promised Marty McFly's hoverboard and and self-lacing shoes.

I really like this particular accessory and I don't care how ridiculous it looks when the iPhone inside it is pressed against the ear when making or receiving calls. It's just cool and nice. What do you guys think of it?


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