New Character Posters for Iron-Man and Hulk, Plus a Teaser for Major Announcement on March 5

In about two months time, we will be seeing the newest and last Avengers film created by director Joss Whedon. It is very near if you think about it since we started anticipating for this sequel after seeing the first installment in 2012. The anticipation is still very high and no wonder why Marvel keeps on sending out marketing materials for fans to feast on while waiting.

The latest of these are the new character posters for Tony Star in his Iron Man suit that was tweeted by Robert Downey Jr himself yesterday and today's new poster for Bruce Banner in his Hulk mode. See them below.

Actually it's not just posters, see that tweet from Downey Jr? Big announcement in 8 days, which means that would be on March 5 US time. Does it have to do with Spiderman? Iron man 4 film? Or a completely different new surprise? I have no idea what it is, but since Robert said it's going to be a big announcement, I will believe it is and I will watch out for it.
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