Olympus Air, a Wireless Camera for Smartphones

During last year's Photokina Conference Olympus revealed that they were working on a lens camera and that it would be officially announced and released sometime this year. Fast forward to February 2015, Olympus Air is now officially unveiled and it wants to be the camera that accompanies every smartphone around.

The Olympus Air camera has a built-in WiFi and Bluetooth which enables the accessory to be connected with any iOS and Android device wirelessly. Aside from that the Air features a 16-megapixel with Live MOS sensor and a Micro Four Thirds mount that can connect any compatible lens and produce "SLR-quality" images. It is also capable of capturing photos up to 10 shots per second, it was not mentioned if there is a built-in storage on the Olympus Air but it definitely supports microSD card.

The Air already comes with its own app that can be controlled when connected to a device and where the interface mimics the screen controls of a typical camera. On a single charge, users can take up to 320 photos.

Also Olympus is marketing the Air as an open platform camera and encourages app developers to build apps for the said camera. As of yet the Olympus Air is expected to debut in Japan this March and to bear price tag of ¥33,800 or about Php12,700.

Source: Olympus

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