Sinag Maynila: Philippine Independent Film Festival 2015

SINAG MAYNILA is the newest independent film festival in the country that showcases and encourages works from young and non-mainstream Filipino filmmakers for public exhibition. One of its aims is to show indie films with quality and thought-provoking concept. Its CEO and Founder Wilson Tieng has collaborated and assigned Brillante Mendoza, internationally acclaimed director, as Festival Director of the said project.

"As a festival that seeks to inspire, educate and enlighten the viewing public, SINAG MAYNILA will feature films that reflect Filipino culture, while presenting social issues deserving of discussion among audiences here and abroad.
This year's Sinag Maynila Independent Film Festival will kick off on March 18, 2015 with five entries namely Balut Country, Bambanti, Imbisibol, Ninja Party and Swap.

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