SKK Mobile Teases Pricing for the Upcoming Lynx Smartphone Plus More Features

SKK Mobile is getting closer to the official release of their upcoming octa-core powered smartphone offering for this year. And as we approach that yet-to-be-announced date the local company keeps on teasing us with what we can get from the SKK Mobile Lynx smartphone.

So based on the above image we are looking at a smartphone with 5-inch IPS display and resolution of 1280x720p, an unnamed eight-core processor but like I mentioned in my previous post this could be a MediaTek chip, then there is the 1GB of RAM and an internal storage of 8GB right out of the box. Users will be able to use microSD card on this one up to 64GB. HotKnot Sharing Technology, Power Saving Management Tool and Mobile Anti-Theft Technology, we need to know more about that from SKK Mobile.

The usual connectivity features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM Radio, Dual-SIM and Dual-standby are also found on the SKK Lynx device. But what about the price? As we can see above, it is not fully revealed though but at least we now have a clue that it would be price no more than Php9,999 as there is only one "?" in the teaser. Hopefully the official price is way lower than that.

Below are some of the teaser images released by SKK Mobile via their Facebook page.

UPDATE: Official price for the device is Php3,999.


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