Spigen Now Accepts Pre-order for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case, Shows the Device in it

Samsung's upcoming flagship device that is being rumored to sport curved display bearing the name Galaxy S6 Edge is expected to be officially unveiled next week. So far we have not seen any leaked images of the said device showing the full view of the smartphone, except for T-Mobile's teaser for the device but it was just one side of the phone and yes it is curved. However, the popular smartphone case provide Spigen has just started accepting pre-order for the Galaxy S6 Edge case. It's not just the case that is being shown on its Amazon page, but with the an actual smartphone in it, allegedly the S6 Edge. See image below.

We could only looking at Spigen cases for the next Galaxy smartphone and the device being shown is just the Galaxy Note Edge. Or it could be the real Galaxy S6 Edge. One of the speculations about the next flagship is that it would feature a dual curved edge screen both on left and right side of the phone. The image above only shows one of the device with the curved display, but it also looks to tease us that the other side has curved panel too.

Whether this is a real Galaxy S6 Edge or not, whether the new device in question features two curved edges or not, we will all know next week when Samsung officially announces it.


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