This is How You Make Your Own LEGO Oscars Statuette

Most probably you have already seen the Oscars awards ceremony this year and have seen those replica of the Oscars statuettes that were made out of LEGO bricks. If you haven't, well I suggest you go google and watch it. It was one of the best performance numbers at the 87th Academy Awards, where the Lego Movie's "Everything is Awesome" song was performed. One of the highlights of the number is giving out LEGO-made Oscars statuettes. Those really stole the scene at the awards night.

Now have you wondered how those little statues were made? Good thing BrickMaster Nathan Sawaya released a video showing how he created those replicas. For the record, he only created 20 statuettes that were handed out during the Academy Awards and intended them to be "priceless limited edition".


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