Want to Get a Globe GCash Mastercard? Here's How

Globe Gcash existing and future users can now get a physical Mastercard for their account. The thing is, as of right now no one can simply visit a Globe wireless center and request for a Mastercard.  Instead, Globe is holding caravan events at some select places around the country to process requests for a Mastercard. See venues and dates below as to where you can go and get a Mastercard for your GCash account.

You may be asking why would you need a Mastercard debit card for your GCash account? I think the best reasons for getting a card or the best answers to this question is convenience and security.

Convenience because you would no longer be needing to carry around cash with you all the time while shopping, you can use the card at any establishments around the world that accept Mastercard as mode of payment. When you have money in your Gcash, you can have access to it anytime you want. For example if you need cash you can just simply go to any BancNet supported ATMs and withdraw cash. If you have something to buy from the internet, this will be helpful too. Having the card also means having the 16-digit card number and expiration date which are two of most the important things you would need to make online purchases. If you have a Paypal account, you can also use this to verify and link your account to. Plus there are alot more reasons why getting a Mastercard for your Gcash is the best decision.

What about adding funds to your GCash? You can still visit any GCash cash-in centers to do the usual transactions. If you have bank accounts and online access, you can simply transfer cash to your GCash using your computer or laptop or your tablet and smartphone using the GCash app. For more information about GCash and this Mastercard you can head to its Globe webpage here.

If you are nowhere near the mentioned venues above in the image. You can call 2882 to know about the dates and places for the next caravans. Hopefully in the near future Globe will just let users apply for a Mastercard via any of their wireless centers nationwide just like what Smart is offering for their Smartmoney card.
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