YouTube Kids App Now Available on Google Play and App Store

YouTube for Kids or simply called YouTube Kids is now officially released. Users from the US can now download the app from Google Play and Apps Store to their Android and iOS devices and start using with their kids. As the name suggests, the app was made by Google with kids and toddlers in mind.

The YouTube Kids app will feature videos curated by Google itself  that are deemed as appropriate for the family. There will be four sections in the app such as shows, music, learning, and explore. Parental controls are also onboard so parents will have more control of the app and the kid's usage. With this particular feature, parents can enable or disable search, set a time limit for their kids' viewing time and many others.

Sad to say this YouTube for Kids is initially available for users in the US. Hopefully international markets will follow soon too as this is a very important app not only in the US but also in other parts of the globe. And I am pretty sure those parents who have youngsters want to give it a try so they can leave their mobile devices to their kids with peace of mind. I would really like to try it as I have a 3-year old daughter who just loves watching YouTue videos from the likes of Pocoyo, Semase Street and other kids-oriented content and since we are using the normal YouTube app or a Chrome browser we always have to check from time to time what my daughter is clicking or watching. When this app becomes available in the Philippines, I will be the first one to try it I guarantee it.

Google says they are just starting with the app and wants parents to provide feedback about it and how to make it more improved. Feedback and suggestions can be made within the app that Google built in. 


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