'Back in Time' Trailer for 'Back to the Future' Documentary Just Released Online

Just in case you have lost track of it, it has been 30 years since Back to the Future movie franchise was first released and just in time for the this year's 30th anniversary celebration a new documentary film for the movie has arrived titled Back in Time. See trailer below.

Back in Time was kickstarted in October of last year and their first target funding was met but now has already exhausted since the project became bigger than the creators had imagined. So right now they are still asking for additional financial support, via Kickstarter, to complete the documentary. The Back in Time documentary focuses on the impact the franchise has made on the world and it also features interviews with the some people behind the movie and many others.  

Like what I have said above the project still in need of monetary support, if you want to be a part of this ambition simply head to its Kickstarter page and donate.

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