We Tried Barbeque Monsters and We Were Satisfied

Last night were planning to eat at this burger haus called Red Corner because we heard that folks over there are serving burgers that are named after boxing legends like Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao to name a few. The problem was, they don't open on Sundays. Too bad we didn't know that until we were right in front of their store. So we had to return at another day. Then we discovered this Barbeque Monsters along Mabini Street, Davao City.

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Earlier before turning to Mabini Street to eat at this Red Corner, we noticed a newly established resto called Barbeque Monsters. Since this was not the place we wanted to eat, we headed straight to the reason why were on Mabini street, again Red Corner. Now upon realizing that Red Corner was not available we decided to just try this Barbeque Monsters which is a few steps away from where we were.

As you can imagine we were not that excited about this restaurant and also at the same quite hesitant to try since our mind and stomach were programed to eat burgers and fries, you understand that feeling? : ) Since we were hungry and apparently no other options nearby were also available, so to make the story short, we ate at the Barbeque Monster and gave it a shot.

We were not disappointed!

We didn't know, until we had our first bite, that the food they serve are actually good. Of course I am talking about the food we ordered atleast, mine was the Chicken Peri-peri (I hope i remember it correctly) and my wife had the baby back ribs. Those dishes were inclusive of french fries and one side dish each, I requested for Potato Salad and her was a Mashed Potato. Drinks had to be ordered and paid separately. Unli rice is an option too. I always take advantage of unlimited rice wherever and whenever the option is served just in case the food is delicious I can eat as many rice as I can. Also to my surprise, additional rice servings are good unlike other local restos where the first serve is only acceptable while to following are not that much.

The barbeque sauce is so good and tasty, I really liked it. If you have tried the barbeque sauce at Outback Grill, Barbeque Monsters' slightly better.

What about the prices? It's very affordable, the price average would be between Php150 and Php200. They are open everyday from 10am to 9pm.

By the time we left which was about 8pm, a lot of customers were still eating and more were still coming in. We will definitely come back again and try other of their offerings, of course that is after Red Corner. : )

Please forgive the quality of the photos, I only had my cellphone. : )
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