Free WiFi Access for the Entire Philippines Set to be Ready by July?

How about a free WiFi access at every public place in the Philippines? Sounds ambitious right? But that's the goal of Department of Science and Technology or DOST for the year. In fact they are aiming to complete or at least start the free access available as early as July of the year.

According to a DOST Terms of Reference document released March 7, the project will cover selected public spaces at:

- Public Plazas and Parks
- Public Primary and Secondary Central Schools
- Public Libraries
- Rural Health Units & Government Hospitals
- State Universities & Colleges
- Train Stations of the MRT and LRT systems
- Airports and Seaports
- City and Municipal Halls
- National Government Offices

The roll out of free internet access via WiFi will begin in July. It is not an unlimited access however, data cap will be imposed on each user depending on level of access they will have. A post on Rappler says that there will be a total of three levels ( how each user will be assigned these level of access, we don't know) where as the first level will have a limit of 50MB per day or up to 1GB of data per month, level 2 will have 100MB/day or up to 2GB/month and level 3 of 300MB up to 3GB a month.

Plus since it is just the start, the download speed is not going to be that fast though as the average speed will be 256kbps. Let's just hope that the data limit and this speed will improve over time. To read more about this government project please refer to the first link above.
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