Globe Telecom Extends Free Facebook Access via

Facebook and Globe Telecom have been partners for a couple of years now delivering free Facebook access to of Globe and TM's prepaid and postpaid subscribers around the country. These two companies are on the same page of wanting to provide more accessible internet via very affordable prices (Globe) and even free internet access (Facebook's to all Filipinos. With this collaboration from Globe and Facebook, alot of Pinoys have been enjoying the treatment and the local telco giant has already extended the promo too many times. In fact they are not done yet, free FB has yet again been extended.

Globe announced on March 26, that they are still extending the free Facebook access for all its subscribers until May 15, 2015 via Facebook's initiative either by vising the site or downloading the mobile app. For more information about this announcement you may visit the source link below.

So I am also a Globe prepaid user, I have downloaded the app from Google Play to try and see if this is already working. Unfortunately, no it's not. The app told me to use Smart, TNT or Sun Cell SIM card to enjoy using free internet via But the good news is I can still access Facebook via its official app without incurring any data charges so long I stay within the Facebook app. So I guess it's also the same for you.

You may have already asked, why app asked me to use Smart or Sun SIM? Well earlier this month Smart Communications via Talk N' Text has announced partnership with Mark Zuckerberg's project to provide free internet access to all the users via the app or directly vising website. Read more about it here.

Don't worry Globe and TM users, Globe Telecom is also cooking up partnership with Facebook's and we will hear soon about their version of the offering. So stay tuned. 

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