Get a Life-Sized Hulkbuster Statue from Beast Kingdom for $21,500

Tony Stark's Hulkbuster is one of the most anticipated characters in this year's Avengers Age of Ultron movie. The Hulkbuster was first seen in the very first trailer released late last year and since then a lot Marvel fans have been wanting to see it in full action and perhaps own an action figure for them to look at at daily basis. Hot Toys has already revealed their Hulkbuster figure offering which is about 21 inches tall. Now if that is not enough for you and you really want something bigger than that, Beast Kingdom, a toy maker company from Taiwan has something to offer you.

Beast Kingdom has announced via Toy Ark and at an event held in Taiwan that they will be producing life-sized character statues and props based on the Avengers 2 film and the MCU. And one of the first of what they have revealed at an event is the gigantic Hulkbuster armor statue standing as tall as 10 feet. It is gorgeous and huge, which means the statue is also for fans and collectors with huge bank account as the statue will cost you $21,500 USD right out of the box.

But there is just one turn off on this one, you cannot climb and get inside it. 

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