Sandisk Reveals a 200GB MicroSD Card at MWC 2015


Did you think last year's 128GB microSD card from Sandisk was already crazy? Well this year they made it even crazier by announcing a new microSD card product variant that offers to hold up to 200GB worth of data at the on going Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. How does that sound to you?

Great achievement comes with great cost, sometimes. The Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card Premium Edition (it's exact name) will cost users $400 to get one. This makes it the largest microSD card in terms of the amount of data it can hold. I am not familiar with other devices around that support microSD card but for smartphones and tablet, as far as I know there is not one yet to support third party storage as big as 200GB.

Sandisk said this card is capable of 90MB per second rate of data transfer. To put that into more understandable term, Engadget said that would around 1,200 photos every minute. The microSD card is expected to be released sometime in the Q2 of the year. 
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