Select Smart BIGByte Plans that Best Fit Your Online Needs

Smart Communications Inc has just launched a new volume-based internet plans for all its subscribers that have different needs and budget allocations when it comes to internet needs and online lifestyle. Meet the Smart BIGBytes where users can subscribe to pay per use based data plans for as low as Php5 with 5MB worth of internet and as high as Php999 with 5GB of data plus freebies.

There are a good number of plan selections to choose from and each of them has their respective freebies that come along, so the higher the option you subscribe to the bigger the freebies you get. For example if you select the Big Bytes 10 (Php10.00), that will provide you 30MB of data and your freebie would be an additional 250MB of data for listening music on Spinnr. Now another example is the Big Bytes 50 (Php50.00), that will come with 300MB of internet and freebies would be 500MB of data for Spinnr music streaming and another 100MB for Youtube/Skype Qik all good for 3 days.

The Smart Bigbyte plans are all open to Smart Prepaid and Postpaid, SmartBro Prepaid and SmartBro Postpaid subscribers. See below a screenshot of some of Big Bytes data plans being offered, more can be found on the Smart website.

To see all the available Big Bytes plans, prices, validities and how to register simply head to the Smart Big Byte webpage to learn more about it and see their frequently asked questions page.
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