How Smart Customer Service Fixed My Failed Online Transaction Using Smartmoney Card

You are placing an order online using your Smartmoney card powered by Mastercard and for some reason when you are on the payment section for the purchase you are trying to make the website suddenly goes so slow, so slow that most of the time it gives an error message that your order cannot be processed. After several attempts the website you are trying to make purchase from suddenly goes off line and your order is not processed. Then a couple of minutes after you receive a notification that your Smartmoney account was successfully charged for that online transaction.

That's exactly what happened when I tried to pay an online order about a couple of days ago. That was also the first time I encountered this kind of issue using my Smartmoney card making an online purchase. Every transaction I had made online before and especially with this particular ecommerce site smoothly went through. With that being said, I was a bit worried about the stress I was looking forward to encounter to have this particular issue of mine resolved. You know getting the transaction charge reversed and get my money back to my Smartmoney account. I really never wanted to call customer service and that's because of the experiences I had before, waiting on the phone for your turn and following the process they will tell you to do and then more waiting for the request to be completed.

So I tried to call first the merchant's customer service or the website of order I was trying to make purchase from. The first customer service representative I talked to said that their website was experiencing a DDoS attack that's why it was so slow and sometime went offline. I explained to him what exactly I was doing and what I wanted. Unfortunately this man said the order did not go through and he did not see a charge in their system for the order I was referring to so I was advised to contact my bank (in this case my Smartmoney card provider which means the Smart customer service).

Well I did not follow his advise right away and I tried to make online research and see if there were people who experienced the same thing and how it was fixed. Sadly I was not able to find any especially using the same Smartmoney card. BDO is the official bank of Smartmoney and I even read that there could be a Php200 refund fee whenever a user requests for a refund transaction, it's for credit card but still I had the feeling that I would be charged for that too.

Next thing I did was I contacted the merchant again and tried to see what other representative would tell me, you know like a second opinion maybe he or she will tell me a different story and perhaps a better one. I was able to talk to a she, she told me the same thing that the order really did not successfully placed however she saw there was a charge coming from my card number. Well that was a relief I think, it means that my money was not lost. So there was no order but there was a charge. I asked her what can I do next to resolve this issue to either get my money back or process the order. She said she could not reprocess the order, instead she would need to reverse the payment from her end and I would need to place the order again once their website is up and running again and free from DDoS atatck. So I said okay. It took her about two minutes to reverse the charge and I was instructed to call my bank in case the money was not back in my account yet.

My line of work also deals with billing and usually reversed charges take up to 24 hours or longer than that and sometimes days to have reflected back to the account. So that's another worry for me, I need the money immediately if possible.

This time I called the Smart customer service and see if they can help me refund my money right away. I called through their *888 help line which is the only customer service number I know for Smart. I talked to someone from billing department but could not help me because he only supports postpaid and prepaid account not Smartmoney but he gave me a dedicated line for the Smartmoney peeps which is 15177. I called the number, I talked to a lady and told her everything that happened that led me to her assistance. She was very courteous sounded she knew what she was doing, and I liked her attitude. She told me that usually refunds or those reversed payments should immediately be right back to my Smartmoney account but sometimes can take a little longer. I said okay I guess I have to deal with that, but she was very proactive and said if she could put me on hold and see if there was something she could do to have my money back to my account right then and there. She asked me for my name, card number and the time of the transaction.

I was very happy and surprised to hear that when she came back to me she has already refunded the funds back to my Smartmoney account and that I should be able to see it on the card and use it to make a purchase. I said it was great to hear and told her that I would call back if there was anything I need. I hang up the phone and immediately checked my balance and yes the money was there with no additional fee, my funds was all intact.

I really did not expect that smooth customer service interactions between with the merchant and with that Smartmoney representative. I was a very happy customer that day.
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