LTFRB Says Php30 Taxi Flagdown Rate Effective Starting Monday

Good news to all the passengers all over the Philippines especially to those who most of the time ride taxis when traveling from one place to another as Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board or LTFRB has officially announced that starting Monday March 9, 2015 flagdown rate on taxis nationwide is back down to Php30.00. Good news right?

Thanks to continuous decrease in the fuel prices on the international market.

When you ride a taxi on Monday you may still see meters with Php40 pesos base fair, they just need to cut Php10 from your total fare. LTFRB member Ariel Inton said "It will take time to calibrate all the taxi meters at since provisional lang ito," he also continued "taxi drivers who would insist that the flagdown rate is still P40 will be slapped with overcharging."

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