Apple iPhone 6C Rear Casing Pictured and Leaked Online

Reports have been roaming around the internet claiming that Apple is working on a smaller version of iPhone 6 possible a 4-incher one for those Apple fans who prefer a smaller yet latest versions of iOS smartphones. And very recently two images from Future Supplier claim to show the back shell of the alleged smaller iOS device and even refer to it as iPhone 6C. The two images which can be seen below are featuring the iPhone 6C's rear panel and being compared side by side with an iPhone 5C back cover to highlight what changes we can expect from this iPhone 6C when it is official.

Further reports also claim that this 4 incher iPhone 6C will be released alongside next-gen iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Of course we really cannot fully believe these unconfirmed reports until we at least get teasers or hints from Apple company itself. I am pretty sure these are not the first we are going to see in the coming months as Apple's upcoming products are some of the most rumored and leaked devices in the industry.
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