Avengers: Age of Ultron EW Covers Feature a Clear Look at the Vision

For the first time in forever, or since we first had out looks at the any Avengers Age of Ultron related materials we are finally given a clear and full look at one of the newest and most mysterious characters from the Avengers 2 film, the Vision. Shown in the banner image above and more below.

Played by Paul Bettany, so far the only thing I know about this character is that he will be the physical form of Tony Stark's famous digital assistant J.A.R.V.I.S. Apart from that, there is nothing more and that what makes the new superhero more mysterious, Marvel or Joss Whedon at least is not giving too much about him (even pictures or his own character poster) through any of all the posters, TV spots and trailers that we have seen. And that ends today!

Just like the other MCU movies, Marvel has partnered again with Entertainment Weekly to produce a limited edition of EW magazine covers featuring the main characters and the main villain. Check them out below. 

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