Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Debuted First Posters

Many of us still can't move on yet from what we have seen and learned from the very first teaser trailer that was released ahead of time a couple of days ago for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie which is to be released in March of 2016, and director Zack Snyder is here again revealing new marketing material for the most awaited DC film of next year, character posters. Snyder as usual tweeted them via his own Twitter account.

 On Monday April 20 in the US, the IMAX event attendees will see the same teaser trailer and since it was prematurely released due to leak, Zack Snyder said that the attendees will get to see "a few extra shots" in addition to the original. That is almost the exact same thing that happened during the debut of Avengers: Age of Ultron first trailer late last year, was promised to be shown on IMAX Cinemas, got leaked ahead of time then few scenes were added to the trailer just for the scheduled IMAX event. I think it's a trend now.

I am pretty sure the teaser trailer with additional footage will definitely be released in the internet very soon and I really want to know what are those few extra shots are.

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