Smart and Microsoft Partner to Offer Free Skype Qik Access for Three Months

Smart Communications and Microsoft's Skype have just teamed up together to introduce a new product under Skype for free. Skype Qik, I don't know how it is pronounced (quick, kick, chick), I assume it's "quick" for quick capturing and sharing experience, but this is a video sharing app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices that enables users to share recorded moments as they happen to their friends and relatives with simple taps on the screen.

"From simple SMS messaging to mobile chat apps, the way Filipinos communicate has evolved over the years. Video has become part of the vocabulary of mobile phone users, so video messaging is just the next logical step in this evolution. Smart, in partnership with Skype Qik, paves the way toward a new way of communicating through video messaging,” said Charles A. Lim, EVP and Wireless Consumer Division Head at Smart..
Starting April 22 all the way until June 30, 2015 all users of Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk N' Text under postpaid and prepaid accounts will be able to enjoy the free offer no matter if they use iPhones or Android Smartphones both platforms are supported.

A user can send a video they want to share to an individual user or to a group of friends and family members, they also have the power to delete the video and it will be deleted from all across the other devices of the people they shared the clip with. Once a shared video is two weeks older, it will automatically be removed from the thread.

One another good thing about this partnership is that when users download the Skype Qik app, they do not need to either register or have a Skype account, Smart says that all they need to do is to key in their mobile phone number once they initially run the messaging app, turn on data and maintain Php1.00 to enjoy the free service.

There is just an odd information that I need to mention, Skype is a product of Microsoft and so is Windows Phones 8 OS, although the Skype Qik is also available for Windows Phone devices to download and use, Smart says on their website that this free access promo is only valid for iOS and Android users. I don't know why is that.

To learn more about this promo from Smart and Skype Qik, click the source link below.

Source: Smart
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