Hilarious Pinoy-Made Tekken Memes Unleashed Online

One of the hottest topics today that hit the Philippine internet world especially in the gaming industry is the official announcement of new characters from the upcoming Tekken 7 which included a Filipina character named Josie Rizal. As the name suggests her name is inspired by the country's national hero Jose Rizal and her character's fighting styles are eskrima and kickboxing. Some humbly appreciated the inclusion of a Filipino character in next Tekken installment and some are not actually happy about it.

Then there's this fellow Pinoy netizen by the name of Melvin Tordecilla who took the Josie Rizal-related news to the Filipino-style humor in the form of memes featuring even more Pinoy-inspired Tekken characters via his beben-eleben.tumblr.com blog. Check some them out below.

See more Pinoy Tekken characters from Melvin's Tumblr blog here.
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