LG Officially Announcing the G4 Flagship Smartphone on April 28th

The Korean giant LG Electronics has officially confirmed that they will be announcing their new flagship smartphone for the year simply calling it G4, following last year's very impressive G3 device, via formal invitation that was sent to all members of the press and bloggers. The event will take place on April 28 in the US.

Not only that, LG has also revealed a teaser video clip showcasing its rear camera's power which is to be equipped with f/1.8 aperture. That one is already a great teaser for this upcoming smartphone. The lower the aperture size the more light a sensor can capture, hence this device is built to capture great photos even in super low light conditions, which most smartphones are having problem providing to the users.

Aside from the camera there are even more powerful specs that are rumored and expected to come along with the LG G4 once officially unveiled. Since it is going to be the flagship of LG for 2015, we can surely say that the specs (or some at least) will be much enhanced and higher than the LG G3 of 2014. 

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