EDGE is the New Microsoft Browser Replacing EXPLORER

Microsoft at a Built 2015 developers conference in the US announced the new Internet Explorer successor, the Microsoft Edge. Earlier this year it was announced that Microsoft is killing the Internet Explorer and will replace it with something more smart and more convenient to use and then at the time the new unnamed browser was unveiled and codenamed Project Spartan.

Today Microsoft has officially revealed the name for the new browser simply calling it Edge. It will be the default web browser for the upcoming Windows 10 smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops starting later this year.

There are a few things currently known to the Edge but some of them have already been released at the event for example users will be able to annotate on the webpage, draw and put notes and share it with their friends easily. It was also confirmed that Cortana, the company's virtual assistant like Siri, will be a new built-in feature the Edge will have, this is something we are first going to see in a browser.

To give us a better understanding of how the browser will basically work, Microsoft released the video overview which we can see below.

We do not know yet if the browser will also be released on other platforms like Android, iOS and other Non-Windows devices.

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