SKK Mobile Lynx Edge is Coming to Town

SKK Mobile is one of the most busiest local tech companies this year teasing and releasing one smartphone after another. SKK Mobile Lynx Lite is the latest one in their portfolio complete with specs and pricing already revealed and is soon to be released. Now SKK is about to release a new Lynx member if this leaked image is an indication.

The image below was spotted on Facebook Group of SKK Lynx showing the yet-to-announced Lynx Edge smartphone. So far only the image was released and nothing more but looking at the smartphone in the photo may tell us that this is not going to be a high-end one like what other device we see around carrying the Edge naming on them.

It looks to be a much cheaper Lynx smartphone and also appears to be much smaller in terms of screen size. However there is a hint that this handset will support 3G network and will run on Android Kitkat OS at least which is nice. The SKK Lynx is priced at Php3,999 while the SKK Lynx Lite costs Php2,999. If the trend continues on this series and also based on the smartphone image above, I think we are looking at an even cheaper version of Lynx device.

We'll keep an eye on SKK Mobile to see more updates from them especially about this phone.

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