Watch 'Marianing' A Pinoy Aswang Hunter Inspired by a True Legend

I found this short animated video titled "Marianing" on Viddsee website featuring a local or Filipino vampire hunter named Mariano. According to the description of the clip, it is based on a true legend and the whole clip and directed by Niko Salazar.

Mariano is a mysterious man with unpredictable, supernatural capabilities. All of his life, he has been followed by an unknown evil that soon affects his love ones. More importantly his beloved wife, Alfonsa.

Now, after finding out the culprit of her killers, he must find them, seek justice and return to his alter ego, Red demon, Blood Shadow, Caped killer of the night, Human son of the Enkantos or better known as “MARIANING”…
It's been around since 2012 when it was first published online via Niko Salazar's YouTube channel and so far has received a number of awards which you can check below.

Festivals & Awards

- Animahenasyon 2012 Grand Prize Winner
- Animahenasyon Student Category 1st Prize Winner
- Hero TV , Hero's Choice Award 2012
- Digicon 6 Animation Festival Student Category 1st Prize Winner
- CCP Gawad Alternatibo Film & Video ANIMATION Category 1st Prize Winne

Below is the documentary about Marianing.

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