In Photos: Color Manila Run Davao Leg Courtesy of Brother Philippines

The Color Manila Run where the "fun" in fun run is really experienced has been "running" in the capital city of the Philippines since its inception in 2012 has just been brought to the city of Davao last May 24, 2015 for the very first time, thanks to the Brother Philippines for making this a reality here. The event encourages the runner to show and encourage as well the non-runners how enjoyable the sport is.

Brother Philippines kicked off the first ever Color Manila Run in Davao as part of their new innovative 3-in-1 inkjet products with built-in Refill Tank System that and low-cost ink bottles that boast up to 6,000 page prints were officially launched in Mindanao market a couple of days prior to the fun run event. You may click this link to learn more about the new products Brother Philippines is currently offering, these are very good for personal and business use that promise a very reliable performance as well as bigger savings.  

Going back to the Fun Run event, I was able to join this most exciting and most awesome activity with out costing a peso, except my fare from where I live to Davao Crocodile Park where the event was held. As one of the bloggers in the local city, I was one of those lucky bloggers who got invited by Brother Philippines to have fun with the running people last Sunday, it's one of the best things about blogging, you write about the things you love and then you get perks from different brands from attending product launch to being the first to experience new product offerings and many others.

Call and assembly time was four in the morning and lucky enough with the participation of my alarm clock and my then-heavy eyes that time of the day I was able to get up, pack my things and head to the event area on time. There were three race categories this time and those were 3K, 6K and 10K and the running started as early as 5:30AM. I had my phone with me so I took the chance of taking as many photos as I could to share it with all of you guys which you can check out below.

I was there!

Everyone was readying for the run, getting their race tattoos put on their face, submitting their stubs for raffle, taking photos getting them printed etc.

The main stage.

It's about time.

Excitement building up.

Opening remarks from Masao Kasagi, Brother Philippines Deputy General Manager for Sales and Marketing.

A bit of Zumba before the run.

There was a drone with camera covering and highlighting the entire event.

This is what I call a "color foldable glasses" being given away as part of the race kit.

10K runners about to start.

The rest of 6K and 3K runners heading to the race track.

At the event you could take a photo of you or with your friends and had it printed by people from Borther Philippines for free.

This is one of the new 3-in-1 Multifunction Centers from Brother Philippines on display.

Early 10K finishers having a rest and taking photos while waiting for the Color Festival, another part of the whole Color Manila event.

More photo taking sessions.

After the run, participants were to submit their stubs found on their race bibs to claim their medals, ink pillows and many other at these booths.

People lining up to a photo booth courtesy of Snap In a Box.

That's me before the run. I got that printed too, which is nice.

Everyone was asked to go near the stage as the Color Festival was to start.

Ghost is that you? One of the Starks or Snow must've been here.

Colors everywhere with up beat background music in the air, "colored people" all over the place. Such a fantastic experience.

More picture taking on this corner.

Color. Fun. Color. Fun.

This kid was waiting for the hard copy of one of his photos to be printed.

One of the most unforgettable experiences I had. If you were there or had attended this kind of activities before you know what I mean. : )

Source 1: Color Manila Run
Source 2: Borther Philippines
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