Finally! GIF Images are now Supported on Facebook

I am sure I am not the only one who has been waiting for Facebook to approve GIF support on their entire website. And I am super sure that I am not the only person/user who is happy to hear that the social media giant is finally supporting GIF images on their site.

What is GIF? Just in case you do not know yet, it stands for Graphics Interchange Format and is pronounced as "JIF" not "G.I.F or "GIF as in the word GIFT", that has been confirmed. I was one of those people who had been saying it incorrectly until very recently so if you too have been mispronouncing it, it's time to get it right. but mostly no one cares how we say it as long as we know or they know what it is. I just don't know about our grammar nazi friends. : )

Additionally, GIFs are simply moving images on loop, like those photos we see in Harry Potter films remember?

However it is important to note that direct gif image upload to your newsfeed or status update box does not actually work.. for now maybe. So share or post a gif on Facebook you would need to copy a link or url of a particular gif image online like those from Giphy, Tumblr, Google Image Search or Imagur etc. and post it on Facebook as status update or comments and it will automatically do what a gif image is intended to do. No more workarounds this time, just copy and paste the url and you're good to go. I have done it on my personal Facebook account and it works like magic.

Don't be surprised though if you still don't see the feature working on your newsfeed as it is still being rolled out globally.
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