Google Photos App Unveiled Offers Unlimited Image and Video Storage

Do you already have so much selfie photos on your smartphone? So much videos of your cats saved on your memory cards and computers? Are you running out of space for more groupies and other pictures you love to take? Google wants to provide you additional free storage for them via Google Photos product.

Google is currently having the I/O annual tech conference running from May 28 to May 29 in San Francisco, California.  At this event, the search engine giant officially launched and released the Google Photos service for all Android and iOS users around the globe. What's so special about this new online-based service from Google? It provides users unlimited cloud storage space for their photos and videos.

Yes, you read that right! Free and unlimited storage for pictures and video clips. So if you have those photos from everywhere, SD cards, flash drives, hard drives, smartphones, cameras, desktop/laptop computers, you can now have them in one place via Google Photos. Easier for us to relive those captured moments.

What's good thing is that users can tweak the settings and have future photos and videos automatically backed up and synced over the cloud across all devices.

There is a simple catch though, you can upload images with up 16MP in resolution and videos with up to 1080 resolution without Google making any simple alterations on them, they will be uploaded as they are. What happens for images and videos beyond the said resolution limits? Will they still be uploaded and backed up? Yes they will but Google will automatically compress them. The company will save "compressed versions of the photos and videos in beautiful, print-quality resolution," according to a blog post of them.

You can now download the Google Photos app to your iOS and Android smart devices, Web browser version is also available, as in right now!

Thanks Google! : )

More details at the source link below.

Source: Google Blog
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