KFC Tray Typer Keyboard is what We Need when Eating and Texting at Once

There is a very clever marketing stunt in Germany for KFC fastfood chain.

We smartphone and tablet users always find ourselves dining at our favorite restaurant having our lunch, dinner or whatever and at the same time attending to our digital social obligations like texting, calling, posting whatever we are eating on social media sites and many more. And whether we admit it or not, we don't actually like the idea of messing our smart device's screen with some of those we are eating, you know finger lickin' good but we can't resist it and we always end up having the smartphone display oily or something. Well this bluetooth-connected Tray Typer wants to solve that dilemma. See the video below for a more accurate illustration of how the things works.

Again it is just part of the marketing campaign for KFC over in Germany and they do not have a plan of rolling this Tray Typer bluetooth keyboard globally. But it is a pretty nice concept to have our hands on right? If this will reach the Philippines, I will definitely bring one home and use it as many times as needed.

According to Serviceplan, the advertising creator behind this stunt said that this accessory was actually handed out to customers during serving of orders and all of them were actually taken home, who wouldn't?

Source: The Verge
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