Lenovo Shows the First Two-Screened Smartwatch Concept Called Magic View

Lenovo is bringing the virtual reality experience to its newly revealed smartwatch dubbed Magic View. It's just a concept though and will not hit local shelves anytime soon but this is a pretty nice concept that many will definitely love to have. Smart View becomes the very first smartwatch the world has ever heard sporting dual-screen, the regular circular face and secondary square shaped one where the virtual reality thing will work.

This particular device will try to solve all watches' greatest challenge, displaying images on small screens. Manufacturers can't actually make the screens a bit bigger as no one will like it unlike on smartphones of today the bigger the better. So Lenovo created this second screen which will enable the wearer to see a displayed image up to 20 times larger than the normal smartwatch can show, by simply holding the display screen directly to their eyes. Sounds cool right?

Lenovo said the the Virtual Interactive Display (the second screen) uses an optical reflection technology that enables it to produce a virtual image 20 times larger than the screen's physical size. To do it users simply need to align the display panel to their eyes and the VID will automatically enlarge the display, it's interactive which means you can play around with it and not just stare at it.

Another highlight of this VID is privacy, say you received an image or text message that you don't want anybody around to see it, simply glance at the other screen and the display will be projected to you alone and in bigger size while other people around you won't be able to see it. I hope I am making sense here but that's how it should exactly work.

Source and images from: TechRadar.com
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